Mr. Incredible Apron

Total Time

This DIY Mr. Incredible apron is sure to make every dad feel super and makes for a great homemade Father’s Day gift whether he’s a barbecuer or baker.

If you’re not feeling crafty then why not check out Disney Store’s collection of awesome Father’s Day gifts for something ready made?

What You'll Need
  • Black Felt
  • Orange felt
  • Yellow Felt
  • White felt
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Plain red apron
  • Fabric pen (optional)
  • Scissors
How To Make It
  1. Cut out an oval on the black and orange felt.

  2. Fold the orange oval in half, cut a half inch strip on the straight edge.

  3. Then cut the circular area, about half an inch out from the edge.

  4. You should have two sickle shaped edges that resemble the Incredibles logo.

  5. Cut a stripe from the yellow fabric to make the body of the 'i' from the logo.

  6. Cut a circle from the yellow fabric to make a dot for the 'i'.

  7. Place all aspects of the logo down starting with the black oval, followed by the orange sickle shapes and finally the 'i'. Cut the top of the 'i' at an angle to make it look more like the Incredibles logo.

  8. Cut a small white circle to go inside the yellow circle to finish the look off!

  9. Glue all the shapes together. Lay your red apron out and glue the logo onto the apron.

  10. Use your fabric pen to add the word 'Incredible' if you would like.

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