Ocean Balloon Garland

Set out for your own movie night adventure with this vast ocean balloon garland that’s easier to make than you might expect!

Moana and the mighty demigod Maui voyage across the open ocean, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds in the new film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana.

Moana is now available as a digital download from iTunes or Google Play or buy your DVD or Blu-ray from Disney Store.

What You'll Need
  • Balloons (light blue, dark blue and white)
  • Air pump
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Sea themed accessories (netting, starfish, etc)
How To Make It
  1. Use an air pump to blow up three balloons. Use one light blue balloon, one dark blue balloon, and one white balloon. Knot balloons as usual.

  2. Once each balloon is tied off, connect the knotted ends and tie together with a piece of twine.

  3. Build another set of three balloons, and connect the knotted ends with twine. Attach this set of balloons to the first set of three balloons by tying together with twine. Have your kids help you by holding the balloons in place, or tying the knots.

  4. Continue the above steps until you’ve built a balloon garland large enough to hang above your couch or hall. We added some netting for that extra special nautical touch!

  5. Enjoy your Moana movie night!

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