Mickey Bookmark

Total Time

Talk about an ear-resistible way to never lose your spot.

This adorable Mickey bookmark is easy to make and perfect for getting the kids ready to go back to school.

What You'll Need
  • Large wooden craft stick
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Cardstock (white and black)
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent markers (fine-tipped and regular-tipped)
  • Glue stick
  • Craft glue
  • 2 mini white buttons or white beads
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Small foam brushes (optional)
How To Make It
  1. Paint the craft stick red and set it aside to dry.

  2. Meanwhile, print the template on a sheet of white cardstock. Cut out the face/head piece and colour in the eyes, nose, outer face and ears with black marker, as shown. Go over the mouth line with the fine-tipped marker as well. Use the head backing template piece to cut out a matching shape from black cardstock.

  3. Use the shirt template piece to cut out a matching shape from black cardstock. Wrap and glue the black shirt around the top of the craft stick, as shown, with the overlap on the back of the stick.

  4. Glue the face/head piece to the top of the stick so that the chin is about 1/4 inch above the lower edge of the shirt. Then glue the head backing to the back of the face/head, sandwiching the stick top between them and matching up all the edges.

  5. If you like, brush a protective coat of glue sealer on both sides of the bookmark. This will also give it a little sheen. For the finishing touch, use dabs of tacky glue to attach two mini buttons to the stick right below the shirt.

Print Instructions

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