Maz Kanata Handprint Painting

Total Time

Maz Kanata knows your eyes.

Yours are the eyes of a person who wants to do an art project with the kids this afternoon. Make a fun and simple painting of Maz that also doubles as a cute keepsake print of your kids’ little hands

What You'll Need
  • White paper
  • Yellow, orange, black, and white washable paint
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
How To Make It
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  • Disney_Inspired_maz-kanata-handprint-step1

    Begin by mixing the yellow, orange, and black paint until you get a burnt orange color.

    Completely paint the palm and fingers of one hand.

    Press the hand firmly on the paper with all fingers closed.

    Turn the page so that the thumb is on the bottom to create Maz’s chin.

  • Disney_Inspired_maz-kanata-handprint-step2

    Use the black marker to draw a mouth, nose, and eyes. (You may want to use a pencil as a guide first to get the placement on the face just right.)

    With the pencil, lightly draw two large circles around the eyes as a guide for Maz’s goggles. Next, paint over the two circles with the silver paint.

  • Disney_Inspired_maz-kanata-handprint-step3

    Dip a finger in the silver paint and press fingerprints on either side of Maz’s head for the earpieces of her goggles

    Paint lines from the circles to the fingerprints to complete the goggles.


  • Disney_Inspired_maz-kanata-handprint-step4

    Next, mix a small amount of white paint with black paint to make a dark grey. Paint a thin hat on Maz’s head with the dark grey paint.

    Let all paint dry, and your Maz handprint painting is complete!

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