Lion Guard Megaphone

Total Time

Get ready to welcome summer with a roar like Kion as you take to the garden to cut, glue, and decorate your very own amazing megaphone.

This fun paper based craft activity is a great way to encourage creativity in kids and makes for a great summer party activity. So why not make a few of these and get the kids to form their very own Lion Guard?

What You'll Need
  • A3 sheet of card (ideally orange)
  • A5 brown and pink card
  • A4 white card
  • Scissors
  • Red feather boa (or red wool)
  • Glue
  • Stapler
How To Make It
  1. Get your child to roll the card into a cone and have them help you tape it into place.

  2. Cut off the top and bottom of your cone to level both sides and create your megaphone shape.

  3. Attach the boa with glue on the top side of your megaphone to create Kion's mohawk.

  4. Using the brown sheet of card, cut out some ear shapes. Pinch the pointed ends together, fold to create a triangle shape. Glue this flat triangle onto the megaphone to create the ears.

  5. Cut a long oval shape out of the pink card and glue this inside your megaphone. This will mimic Kion's tongue.

  6. Finally, let your little one practice their best lion roar using the megaphone you just made!

Print Instructions

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