Kion Painted Egg

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Make the fiercest egg this Easter with our Kion painted egg craft. Hevi kabisa!

To make a painted Easter egg version of Kion from The Lion Guard, you’ll first need to hollow out and paint your egg white. The tutorial for prepping your egg can be found here

What You'll Need
  • A hollowed out egg, painted white
  • White acryclic paint
  • Dark brown acrylic paint
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Paper plate of paint palette
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
How To Make It
Step 1 / 21
  • Kion - 4

    For the main colour of Kion’s body, you’ll need to mix a larger amount of white paint, with a bit of yellow and orange paint

  • Kion - 5

    You’ll need a hollowed out, white painted egg from the prep tutorial.

  • Kion - 6

    Paint the entire egg with the mixed light yellowish orange colour you’ve made. You might need to use a few coats of paint. Let the painted egg dry completely before moving on to the next part

  • Kion - 8

    Using the white paint, make a small oval shape in the middle of the egg

  • Kion - 9

    Then using the red paint mixed with a dash of brown, paint an upside down triangle on top of the white oval for the nose

  • Kion - 10

    Next using the dark brown, make two small dots on the right and left side of the egg above the nose

  • Kion - 11

    And paint small circles to either side of the dots you made. These are the outlines for the eyes

  • Kion - 12

    Now add thick eyebrows above the eyes with the same dark brown paint

  • Kion - 13

    Trace underneath the circle eyes with white paint

  • Kion - 14

    Mix the red paint with a bit of white paint to lighten it, and trace the upper half of the circles to the eyebrows with the light red paint

  • Kion - 17

    Next using the yellow paint, dot the middle of the circles for the eyes

  • Kion - 18

    And re-outline the eyes with the dark brown paint

  • Kion - 19

    Afterwards, add dots of brown in the middle of the yellow circles

  • Kion - 21

    Then add a white paint dot in each eye

  • Kion - 23

    For the next part, paint some round lion ears on a piece of white paper. Use the yellowish orange colour and dark red. Also paint a rigid red dot next to the ears. This will be Kion’s red hair tuft

  • Kion - 24

    Cut both the ears and the red hair out with a pair of scissors

  • Kion - 26

    Place a bit of white craft glue on the base of the left ear and attach it to the left side of the painted egg

  • Kion - 28

    Then place a dab of craft glue on the base of the right ear and attach it to the right side of the egg

  • Kion - 30

    Next place a bit of glue on the red hair tuft and glue it to the top of Kion’s head

  • Kion - 31

    Lastly, add some dabs of red paint on the egg around the hair to help blend it in.

  • Kion

    And here is the finished Kion Easter Egg

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