Fairies Fairy Garden

Total Time

Set your kids’ imagination free outside and help them to create their very own fantasy miniature fairy gardens.

The perfect play place for Tinker Bell and all her friends.

What You'll Need
  • You can make as many of the crafts for the garden as you'd like. Download the pack and follow the instructions.
How To Make It
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  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_sign-post

    Sign post

    You’ll Need
    A twig
    A lolly stick

    How To Make It
    Cut the lolly stick in half and glue either one or both halves onto the end of the twig.

    Help your child to paint their name on the sign.

  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_toadstools


    You’ll Need
    Craft matchsticks
    Poster tack
    Red paint
    White paint

    How To Make It
    Roll the poster tack into balls the size of a grape and stick a craft matchstick on it.
    Paint the poster tack red.

    When the red paint is dry, add white spots.

  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_fence


    You’ll Need
    4 craft lolly sticks

    How To Make It
    Cut three lolly sticks in half. Then glue the six halves to the remaining whole lolly stick.

    Decorate the fence with paint for extra flourish.

  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_table

    Table and stool

    You’ll Need

    How To Make It
    Cut four twigs to about 1 inch long and insert them into the holes of the buttons.

    Mix up the colours for a variety of stools.

  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_birdhouse

    Bird House

    You’ll Need
    A Stick
    A cork
    2 lolly sticks

    How to make it
    Cut two sections off one end of a cork and about 1 inch off each end of both lolly sticks.

    Glue the ends of the lolly sticks onto the cork where you cut the section out.

    Finally make a hole in the bottom of the cork and insert the stick into the hole.

  • eu_fairies-fairy-garden_bunting


    You’ll Need
    Coloured material scraps

    How To Make It
    Cut the length of string you need and lay it out in a line.

    Cut out diamond shapes from your material.

    Place the string in the middle of the diamond shape and fold and glue the diamond together making a triangle with the string between.

    Repeat till your bunting is ready to hang.

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