Donald Duck Book Cover

Total Time

This book cover is decorated to look like that famous Disney duck, Donald. Oh boy!

Donald’s bill doubles up as a handy storage pouch for all those notes and assignments. Perfect for back to school!

What You'll Need
  • 12" x 18" sheets of construction paper (x2)
  • Book (for covering)
  • Sellotape
  • Cardstock (white, black, yellow, blue, pink)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
How To Make It
  1. Cut a sheet of card in half lengthways

  2. Place the second piece of card on top of the half. Be sure that the bottom of the cut piece lines up with the bottom of the larger piece.

  3. Place the binding of the book in the centre of the construction paper.

  4. Fold the top and bottom of the construction paper up so that the top and bottom edge of the book are flush with the ends of the paper.

  5. Open the book and crease the sides of the paper over the back and front covers of the book. Tape these folds in place.

  6. When you close the book you will see that you have a pocket fold on the front and back.

  7. Print the Donald template and cut it out. Trace the pieces onto coloured card stock as specified on the template.

  8. You will construct Donald in two halves. Glue the bottom half, Donald's bill, onto the bottom half of the pocket. Glue Donald's eyes onto the top half. Use the glue stick to glue together Donald's bill, mouth and tongue. Glue together his head, eyes and hat separately.

  9. Glue his bill to the bottom of the pocket – be sure not to glue the pocket closed.

  10. Glue Donald's head to the top half of the book – be sure not to glue the pocket closed.

  11. Outline Donald's features using a black marker.

  12. Slip homework, notes and even pencils into the pocket.

Print Instructions

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