Cinderella Wish Jar

Total Time

Cinderella believed that “a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Now your kids have a place to put all their dreams and wishes for the future.

What You'll Need
  • A printer
  • Paper
  • Glass jar
  • Glitter Pens ( or normal felt pens)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Optional blue & silver glitter, sequins, or confetti stars.
How To Make It
  1. Download and customise the Wishing Jar label, typing in your name before printing.

  2. Cut out the label and glue it to the outside of the jar.

  3. Use glitter pens in your favourite colours to write your wishes onto the printable stars or on paper squares that you can roll into a scroll and tie with ribbon or string. From starting your own business like Tiana, to meeting new friends at school, write down all your dreams, both big and small!

  4. Put your wishes inside the jar. Add glitter, sequins, or confetti, and secure the lid.

  5. Every so often, open your wish jar to add new wishes and to see which ones have already come true!

Print Instructions