Beast Costume

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Get set to roar with this Beast inspired mask and DIY cloak costume.

With a few pieces of felt and some glue you’re all set to transform your child into the Beast. Perfect for fancy dress, parties and putting on a Beauty and the Beast themed play in the school holidays.

What You'll Need
  • 3 shades of brown felt, 1 piece of beige felt, 1 piece of white felt
  • 40cm x 70cm piece of red felt
  • 40cm x 70cm piece of royal blue felt
  • Small piece of yellow felt
  • Small piece of dark yellow felt
  • Scissors
  • Elastic string
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Marker pen
How To Make It
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  • disneyinspired-batb-beast-mask

    How to make the Beast's felt mask

    1. Print and cut out the mask templates.
    2. Tape the two halves of the face template together.
    3. Place the templates over the felt: The teeth should be on white, the beard and eyebrows should be on beige, the horns and nose should be on dark brown, the face on mid-brown, and the lips, nose bridge and ears on light brown. Draw around the templates directly onto your felt. Cut out the pieces of felt following your lines.
    4. Cut eye holes and a mouth into the face felt, to fit your child’s face.
    5. Start by gluing the ears to the side of the mask, then adding the horns, followed by the eyebrows so that they sit just above your eye holes.
    6. Glue the nose to the face mask, then add the nose bridge on top.
    7. Glue the nose to the face mask, then add the nose bridge on top. Glue the teeth just below the mouth slit you created in the mask. Add the beard the base of the teeth, and finish by gluing the lip over both.
  • disneyinspired-batb-beast-blue-cape

    How to make the Beast's reversible cloak

    1. Glue the red felt to the blue felt to create the double-sided cape.
    2. Print and cut out the Beast’s Reversible Cape template using the ‘Download Resources’ button above.
    3. Fold the cape in half length-ways and place the template at the top. Align the cut-out circle of the template with the folded side of the cape. Trace around the template and cut along your lines. When you open your cape out again you should have a hole for your child’s neck. Cut to open the circle out and make it adjustable.

    Cogsworth clock seen in the background is available for purchase at Disney Store.

  • disneyinspired-batb-beast-brown-cape

    How to make the Beast's reversible cloak

    1. Print and cut out the Beast’s brooch template.
    2. Trace over the large oval shape onto light yellow felt, and over the small oval onto dark yellow felt. Cut along your lines and glue the small oval felt to the center of the larger oval felt. Add a safety pin and use the brooch to secure the cape.
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