Clover Inspired Open Sandwich

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Topped with tasty toppings and so simple to make. Lunch like a real Enchancia royal with this delightful and delicious Clover inspired open sandwich.

Why not take your lunch into the garden so you can enjoy a lovely royal picnic with your friends? You could even serve it at a summer party: we’re sure all the citizens of the kingdom would love it!

What You'll Need
  • Sliced rye bread
  • Sliced ham
  • Tortilla wrap
  • Tomato
  • White sliced cheese (e.g. Mozzarella)
  • Carrots
  • Chives
  • Olives
  • Scissors and/or knife
How To Make It
  1. Use the scissors to cut a face shape in the rye bread. Make sure the widest part of the face shape is the cheeks

  2. Now cut out ear shapes in the rye bread. Use one slice per ear with the edge of each slice becoming the outer ear line.

  3. Arrange these on a plate or board so the inner ears fit against each side of the cheeks. You may need to adjust the ears to ensure a neat fit.

  4. Cut out of the tortilla wrap two ovals for the eyes and place on the face

  5. Cut two thin slices of carrot and place on top of the tortilla ovals

  6. Slice two olives and place this in the mouth area

  7. Cut a slice of tomato and place this in the mouth area

  8. Cut out the mouth shape from the tortilla wrap. Start with the shape of a love heart. Round off the bottom. Then cut out a semi-circle, adding a small indent in the top part

  9. Add another small square of tomato as the nose, sitting this directly above the tortilla mouth outline

  10. Cut a small circular shape out of a slice of ham and place this under the bottom of the tortilla mouth. This becomes the tongue

  11. Cut out a small square from the cheese and slot this just under the top inside of the mouth and over the ham tongue, to form the teeth

  12. Then cut out two long oval shapes in the ham and trim an end so they fit on top of the ears and around the cheeks

  13. Finally trim some chives and place three on each side to act as Clover's whiskers

Why not add some extra toppings like cream cheese or hummus for when the kids sit down for lunch?
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