Lightning McQueen’s Obstacle Course

Be like Lightning McQueen by racing through this fun-filled obstacle course as fast as you can!

Get your Radiator Spring racers ready to stretch those legs and get active with this easy to set-up obstacle race. We’ve got suggestions for both indoor and outdoor courses. So even if it’s raining outside, there’s no reason to stay parked in one place!

Switch gears, grab some props and get ready for some obstacle racing based thrills!

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What You'll Need
  • Kids play tunnel
  • Balls or bean bags
  • Paddling pool or bucket
  • Rope or skipping rope
  • Traffic cones
  • Hula hoops
  • Space hopper
How To Make It
Step 1 / 3
  • Cars_Obstacle_Course_(outdoor_1)_660x660

    Obstacle 1:
    Tunnel race — The kids need to crawl through the tunnel as fast as they can. If you’re setting-up the course indoors, then you could make a tunnel from chairs with blankets thrown over them, long tables, or you could even use a large empty box.

    Obstacle 2:
    Ball toss — Have kids practice their aim by throwing the balls or bean bags into the paddling pool or bucket. For inside, have them throw cuddly toys in bucket or laundry basket.

  • Cars_Obstacle_Course_(outdoor_2)_660x660

    Obstacle 3: Balance rope — To practice their balancing skills, have the kids walk on the line of rope. If you’re playing inside, you could use a skipping rope or washi tape.

    Obstacle 4: Traffic cone dash — To improve their steering skills, the kids have to weave round the cones as fast as they can. If you’re indoors and you don’t have cones, you could use chairs, cushions or small piles of clothing.

  • Cars_Obstacle_Course_(indoor)_660x660

    Obstacle 5: Hula hoop jump — The finish line is so close now, but before the race can finish, the kids must jump diagonally from hoop to hoop without missing. For indoor racers, you could make washi tape squares instead of hula hoops or have the kids jump over cushions instead.

    To help the kids know where to go, why not lay out books, use brooms or rope to help navigate the way to the next obstacle?

    Or if you’re playing indoors, you could use washi tape arrows to signal which direction to take for the next obstacle!

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