Lightning McQueen Car

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With a box, some paint and stickers, you too can craft a Lightning McQueen big enough to sit in!

It also doubles up as a handy storage box for all those toys. Slip into pole position with this craft.

What You'll Need
  • A large rectangular cardboard box
  • Red paint
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How To Make It
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  • CARS_step_by_step_2

    Paint your large rectangular cardboard box red, like Lightning McQueen. Let it dry

  • CARS_step_by_step_3

    Now to cut the visor. Draw a line approximately a quarter of the way down the top of the box from the front of the car and another line approximately a quarter of the way from the back of the box as seen in the picture.

  • CARS_step_by_step_4

    Cut down the middle of the area you’ve just marked out, removing one section and folding the other half up so it looks like a windscreen. This will be where Lightning McQueen’s eyes go.

  • CARS_step_by_step_5

    Stick the section you just removed to the back of the car with glue to form a spoiler.

  • 06_build_your_own_Lightning_McQueen_760x760

    Print and cut the downloads and start adding Lightning McQueen’s face, tyres and other details.

    Now you’ve made your Car, why not get your family active with this Cars Racers outdoor activity.

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