Baymax Painted Egg

Total Time

Suit up and get ready to make your very own Baymax painted Easter egg!

To make Baymax, you’ll first need to hollow out an egg and paint it white. The tutorial for prepping your egg can be found here.

What You'll Need
  • Hollowed out egg, painted white
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Paper plate or paint palette
  • Paintbrush
How To Make It
Step 1 / 11
  • Baymax - 3

    Place a bit of the black and red acrylic paint on a paper plate or palette

  • Baymax - 4

    You’ll need a hollowed out, white painted egg from the prep tutorial. Turn a white painted egg on it’s side, and paint a small black dot on the left

  • Baymax - 5

    Then paint a straight black line horizontally (about 2 cm in length) across the egg

  • Baymax - 6

    And lastly paint another black dot on the end of the line

  • Baymax - 7

    You can also paint Baymax in his red uniform by painting a small red line up from the left

  • Baymax - 8

    Then paint a red line across the top and down the right side

  • Baymax - 9

    Paint a curved line at the base

  • Baymax - 10

    Fill in the outside with red paint

  • Baymax - 11

    Paint a black dot on the left inside the white box you’ve made

  • Baymax - 12

    Paint a black line horizontal line from the black dot

  • Baymax - 13

    And add another black dot on the end of the line. Ta-dah!

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