Baymax Baubles

Total Time

Bring the most loveable, soft, inflatable robot to your festive celebrations with these Baymax inspired baubles.

These decorations are simple to craft and will bring that touch of Disney magic to your Christmas tree.

What You'll Need
  • Clear round Christmas decorations
  • White craft paint
  • Black paint pen
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Red ribbon
How To Make It
  1. Fill the Decoration 1/3 of the way from the bottom with white craft paint.

  2. Swirl the paint around inside the decoration to fully cover the interior. Let the paint dry.

  3. Carefully place two pieces of tape parallel to one another, leaving open a thin line as the base for Baymax’s eyes.

  4. Colour in between the tape with the black paint pen. Remove the tape when dry.

  5. Draw circles at each end of the line to complete Baymax’s eyes. Tie a ribbon through the top to hang the decoration.

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