Reversible Belle Costume

Total Time

“Master, there’s a girl in the castle!”
Craft this reversible Belle inspired dress for your little ones to recreate the tale as old as time!

When the craft is complete, you’ll be able to reverse the apron from blue to yellow to turn your little Belle from provincial mademoiselle…
Belle blue dress

…to the Belle of the ball!

Belle ballgown dress

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What You'll Need
  • Blue, white, light yellow and dark yellow felt
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Glue
  • Yellow and white ribbons
  • Marker pen
How To Make It
  1. Lay the dark yellow felt over the blue felt and pin together.

  2. Cut the basic shape of an apron to approximately 60cm long and 24cm wide for the top part, graduating to 38cm wide for the skirt.

  3. Cut two pieces each of white and yellow ribbon to 70cm long. Glue one end of each piece of white ribbon to one end of the yellow ribbons.

  4. Slot the glued ends of the ribbons into the top of your dress between the felt: white matching the blue side and yellow matching the dark yellow side.

  5. Remove the pins and glue both sides of the dress together, sealing the ribbon straps in as you do so.

  6. Print and cut out the reversible dress templates using the 'Download Resources' button above.

  7. Place the scalloped waist and collar templates over a piece of yellow felt, and the basic waist and collar templates over a piece of white felt

  8. Trace around the collar templates and cut out. Add an extra 12cm to the length of the waist templates and cut out.

  9. Glue the scalloped yellow collar and waist to the dark yellow side of the dress, and the white collar and waist to the blue side.

  10. Cut a strip of white felt 5cm wide, and 85cm long. Do the same with the yellow felt. These will be the waist ties on your dress.

  11. Glue the yellow waist tie to the centre of the dark yellow side of the dress. Do the same with the white waist tie on the other side. Make sure the white and yellow waist ties align, and glue them together where they extend past the dress.

  12. When all glue is dry, your reversible dress is ready!

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