Watch – Red Queen Face Painting

Entertain all Knaves with this fiery face painting tutorial of the glamorous Red Queen.

Team this with our whimsical Alice Through The Looking Glass photobooth props and you’re all set to tumble down the rabbit hole!

What You'll Need
  • Various make up brushes
  • 2 small makeup sponges
  • Face paint (white, black, red, blue)
How To Make It
  1. Mark out raised eye area for the blue shadows.

  2. Cover face in white paint using a sponge avoiding the marked eye area.

  3. Using the red paint draw an upside down triangle from each side of the hairline in the centre of the forehead. Using the same paint draw the heart shaped lips.

  4. Fill in the blue eyes and paint over the eyebrows in black. Using the black paint again, draw on extended lashes to the bottom of the eyes to add drama!

  5. To finish the look, add a black beauty spot just below the left eye.

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