Watch – Cheshire Cat Face Painting

Smile broadly with this courageous face painting tutorial of the Cheshire Cat.

Follow the steps and turn anyone into the mischievous feline from Underland. Team this up with our whimsical Alice Through The Looking Glass photobooth props and you’re all set to tumble down the rabbit hole!

What You'll Need
  • Make-up brushes
  • Make-up sponges
  • Grey face paint
  • Blue face paint
  • Green face paint
  • Pink face paint
  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
How To Make It
  1. Mark out the outlines of the eye and mouth areas.

  2. Using a sponge, cover the face in grey paint, avoiding the marked areas.

  3. Load a brush with light blue/teal green paint and fill in the eyelids, extending above the eyebrows, leaving a slit clear for the pupil.

  4. Using the same colour, draw in stripes on the forehead and feather them out using the tip of the brush.

  5. Using pink paint, draw the nose of the cat in the shape of a heart.

  6. Load a fine brush with white paint and draw in individual teeth, starting in the centre of the lips and working your way out to create a wide grin.

  7. Going back to the eyes, use the black paint to outline the eye shape and draw in the pupils, leaving space for the white reflections

  8. Draw black, tapering lines from the outer corners of both eyes to give an exaggerated, cat-like look. Fill in the reflections using white paint.

  9. Adding details: fill in the gaps of the teeth using black paint and extend either end of the mouth to give an enlarged smile. Using the same black paint, outline the pink nose and connect the nose to the mouth.

  10. Add whiskers and hair to the cat's face using white and black paint.

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