Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup Ride Nail Art

Show your Disney Side with this Mad Hatter tea cup ride inspired nail art.

Really simple to apply and sure to turn heads.

What You'll Need
  • Clear base coat
  • Nail Polish (a variety of colours - try red, yellow,green,orange, blue, pink)
  • Top coat
  • A toothpick
  • Polish remover
How To Make It
  1. Apply a different colour polish to each nail. Use your lighter colours for your base and darker colours to do the spirals

  2. Once dry, use a toothpick and a contrasting polish, add a small spiral near your cuticle. Continue until the line reaches the cuticle.

  3. On the other side, continue the spiral until it just passes the centre of your nail, then turn the line back and extend it off the tip.

  4. Add a few smaller straight lines to fill in any empty space.

  5. Repeat the pattern with different colours on the rest of your nails. Try zig-zags or other patterns to mix it up.

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