Mad Hatter Easter Hat

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Follow Alice down the rabbit hole this Easter, by adding a touch of Disney magic to your celebrations.

Simply follow the instructions below to cut and create your own spring themed, Mad Hatter’s hat.

What You'll Need
  • A3 card x2
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Ruler
  • Printer
  • Glue
  • Ribbon (dark green)
  • Black marker
How To Make It
Step 1 / 6
  • MadHatter_step1

    1. Take a measure for the hat by wrapping one piece of card around your child’s head. Mark the measurement with a pencil, and place a temporary piece of sticky tape to hold the size in place.

    2. Draw around this shape on the second piece of card. Try to keep the oblong shape of the head rather than make it in to a circle.

  • MadHatter_step2

    3. Draw a second, larger circle around the first circle to create a ring for the brim of the hat.

    4. Cut the middle circle (which will form the top of the hat) and the brim out.

  • MadHatter_step3

    5. Remove the sticky tape from the card you used to measure the head. Lay this out and draw two horizontal lines which will identify where the card is folded over the top of the hat and the bottom brim. Note: the distance between these two lines will be the height of your hat.

    6. Draw a third horizontal line in the centre between the first two lines. Use a ruler to mark off lines from the centre on one end. Then from the fold, mark on the other end. Note: The vertical lines should be about 3cm apart.

    7. Mark off the measurement of the head and cut off the excess part of card. Make sure you cut along each vertical line up to the horizontal lines.

  • MadHatter_step4

    8. Roll up the sheet of card and hold this with sticky tape. Using the end of card with the short cut marks, fold these on to the underside of the cut out brim. Attach some with sticky tape – enough to hold in place. Test the hat for size and adjust if needed before attaching all the folds to the ring.

  • MadHatter_step5

    9. Turn the hat the other way up. Gently make fold marks along the vertical strips where the horizontal line is, and place the top circular piece inside — against these fold marks. Fold the strips over the top of the hat and attach with sticky tape.

  • mad_hatter_1600x900

    10. Print and cut out the patterned sheets. Glue these over the hat. Cut slits in the paper where you wrap them under the brim and up the side of the base. The latter slits will be covered by the ribbon. Allow glue to dry.

    11. Print Use a black marker pen to create and cut out the 10/6 card.

    12. Tie ribbon around the base of the hat and gently tuck the 10/6 card inside the ribbon.

    You’re now ready to wear your hat to your Easter tea party!

Decorate the hat with your child’s drawing patterns or use a mix of paper and material patches to add some additional flair.

Why not add additional buttons or trimmings to make your Mad Hatter’s hat even more crazy and unique?
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